Brummie term for curry, as Brummie curry is known as the best in the world.
Lets go to the curry house for a Balti.
by Mart October 07, 2004
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by jolibee September 01, 2010
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A mild insult, usually directed at a person of Indian descent, due to their inherent odor of curry. Most effective with the prefix chicken.
What the frick ,this isn't what I ordered. Get the frick you chicken balti
by Bobocakes2 May 27, 2009
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Balti is a name given to beautiful grown up man who are buff and athlete and most of the baltis are fuck boys but have so much charm and can fake relationship with girls but as for the boies baltis are the most epic humans and funny and mostly they are the most handsome guys there also you can find the name balti common in the netherlands
Damn dude u are so balti
by DuckLoverPotato May 20, 2020
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v: orally pleasuring a woman to the point of multiple ejaculations

n: the act of giving a woman oral sex to the point of her ejaculating multiple fukin times

adj: really really pleasurable
Kamil baltyed this girl last night,you sould tell by the stains in her pants, oh yea!!!
by Balty March 07, 2008
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An primarly eastcoast hairstyle, said to have origonated in Maryland, used mostly by teenage laxcrosse boys. The hairstyle resembles the "just took my lax helmet off" look. The hair flips out at the ends, and the back is cut above the collar. The hair is often curly or wavy as a result.
It has also been refered to as "sophisticated helmet hair".
*Takes off helmet*
"Hey man! Nice baltie."
"Thanks, you too."
by Baltie July 22, 2009
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When a group of guys make a circle around a balti(bucket) and jerk off into it.
Hey guys lets go to mukhs, hes having a balti session
by m1234s March 09, 2015
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