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Shut Up Your Face.

A variation on the popular web-slang of 'STFU'.

Origin: Natural-Selection Community, April 2002.
And I quote the wise man Mart, whom during a conversation with Martigen, used the following earth-shattering phrase: "SUYF."
by Mart April 22, 2003

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Brummie term for curry, as Brummie curry is known as the best in the world.
Lets go to the curry house for a Balti.
by Mart October 07, 2004

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Known as Flash, Floosh, and some other names we don't have rights to mention here. Has an obsession with genitals, mothers, pokemons, java, and genitals. Is also partly responsible for a new form of leetspeak known as Flashanese.

tis = this
wet = what
funneh = funny
juu = you
juur = your
juumem = your mom
Klepsydr: tis likn
Mart`: wet aboot it?
Klepsydr: tis funneh
Flash: leik juumem
by Mart September 12, 2004

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Unique species of hybrid animal, also known as the Quagalabinnafish. Is proeminent in dodging everything thrown his way, and even things that are NOT thrown his way, or even near him, for that matter.
Example #1:

Naru stabsssss teh monkey.
Monkey Fish Man dodges.

Example #2:

Mart opens up a pot of mayonnaise.
Monkey Fish Man dodges.
by Mart September 12, 2004

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a loser...someone who should not be living and walks around in crutches and a wheelchair and a cane when she isnt hurt.
That girl Erin Kelly is one big badger scrotum
by Mart March 01, 2004

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