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Word used by immigrants who mistakenly mean to say bullshit. Typically Indian or South Asian immigrants.
Hey Sanjay, what you told me about the curry being on sale was total ballshit.
by synergie March 08, 2007
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When you are having sex with a chick who's got a dirty ass and you get her shit on your balls.
I had to clean up my ball shit after sleeping with Betty last night.
by netchi September 07, 2008
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When you have bad diarrhea and it gets all over your balls. The crap on your balls is ball shit.
Your mom licked my ball shit last night because I had wicked diarrhea.
by SkankyKong May 08, 2005
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1. A ยฟcountry/city/province? somewhere in the fucking East (not America) that I and another have witnessed in truth. I swear to God it exists. Someone please back me up on this dammit!

2. Possibly an imagined hallucination by two highly deranged, yet spry & sexy, idiots.

3. Comparable to Alien abduction stories.

4. Possibly home to Unicorns, Dragons, Manticores, Mermaids, Manatees with cyborg missile launcher arm attachments, Lipstick Lesbians, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, Midgets with hats, Atlantis, and Trees with wheels.
Ballshit does exist damn you!

Yea, Preston CLAIMS that he saw Ballshit, but I think its total bullshit... or BALLSHIT! Hehehehehehe! Roflcopter! Lolzerskatez! Heh, I'm funny...

(God) Awww man, that was the most horrendous dump I've ever
by Craptoidilus February 23, 2008
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N. A person who is mentally inept, and nearly every aspect of a normal, functioning life is drawn askew. As a result, they defecate their own testes instead of fecal matter.

Since females have no testicles, "ovaryshit" and "titfart" are also acceptable terms.
Vern was deemed a ballshit by his fellow students after trying to revive the long-dead practice of using butter to alleviate painful burns.
by Mike July 17, 2003
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The curious occurrence when your frustration reaches a point that you begin to slur together multiple curse words. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

May also be played up for laughs after it is discovered that one has a talent for it.
"Ballshit!" "Cocknobbler!" "Mother of assbastarding fuckspunk!"
by Saluriel February 13, 2010
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