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THE ONE dinosaur who was so "the shit", that he needed no prefix.
Daaaaym, THEsaurus is so the shit!

by Craptoidilus February 23, 2008

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1. The vile excretion of a rough, blustering hemorrhoid erupting from the interior of the anus known to be coarse, thick, & globular in composition.

2. Also used as an insult for a vehemently horrendous unholy herpes-infested cunt and/or twat ex-girlfriend. (i.e. - any ex-girlfriend ever in the history of twats)

3. An insult for any various douche bags of the world.

4. When mixed with smegma, becomes a composition known as super-shquim
Gerald's hemorrhoid eruption squirted shquim down the length of his ass-crack where it mixed with a crusted mass of smegma to become super-shquim. The viscous goo eventually plopped into Kaylen's eagerly awaiting mouth.

Boy, that Kaylen sure is a heaping cesspool of shquim!
by Craptoidilus February 23, 2008

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1. The globular eruption of a blustering hemorrhoid mixed with the crusted remains of dead skin and bacteria in and/or around the testicles and foreskin of male-genitalia.

2. See shquim and smegma.

3. Also used as an insult in reference to the worst cunt and/or twat ex-girlfriend to have ever existed.

4. An insult reserved for extremely overactive douche bags.
Oh dear God, is that super-shquim running down your thigh!?

Wow. Kayla has to be THE BIGGEST super-shquim I have ever met. Don't you guys all agree?
(several virile young men nod in agreement)
by Craptoidilus February 23, 2008

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1. A ┬┐country/city/province? somewhere in the fucking East (not America) that I and another have witnessed in truth. I swear to God it exists. Someone please back me up on this dammit!

2. Possibly an imagined hallucination by two highly deranged, yet spry & sexy, idiots.

3. Comparable to Alien abduction stories.

4. Possibly home to Unicorns, Dragons, Manticores, Mermaids, Manatees with cyborg missile launcher arm attachments, Lipstick Lesbians, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, Midgets with hats, Atlantis, and Trees with wheels.
Ballshit does exist damn you!

Yea, Preston CLAIMS that he saw Ballshit, but I think its total bullshit... or BALLSHIT! Hehehehehehe! Roflcopter! Lolzerskatez! Heh, I'm funny...

(God) Awww man, that was the most horrendous dump I've ever
by Craptoidilus February 23, 2008

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