To exude tremendous effort, to try extremely hard.
I decided to slack off and get a B in the class, but Ross went balls out and got a 100%
by Casey June 11, 2003
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When playing beer pong and you miss the table with your shot. As punishment for this embarassing lack of ability the shooter must expose his balls until the next player takes his shot.

This is the real way to play, as opposed to the 'partner forgoes their shot' rule
John takes aim with his ping pong ball

John misses the cup arrangement and air balls over the table

Crowd yells "Balls out!"

John hangs more than just his head until the next shot is taken.
by SirLink49 March 5, 2010
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This is a serious condition that effects many athletes, it occurs when a sprinter wears very short shorts and then sprints. What happens is his nuts flap outside the shorts and are clearly visible to all. It is disgusting and must be prevented at all costs.
When Calin jumped long jump he always went balls out and never wore spandex underneath his shorts, hey it pays to advertise.
by ShoesRBad March 21, 2003
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Whenever balls, nuts, or testicles are showing and are bouncing or swaying in the wind. See flapnut
Little Jimmy found it funny to have his balls out in church, little Sally shit her pants in the excitement.
by Alexei March 21, 2003
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To do something successfully and effortlessly.
Dude I'm going to ball out on that test bro, shit's so easy I didn't even need to study
by bromarsharif December 8, 2011
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To spend a lot of cash, especially at a strip club.
Yo, homes, I got five hundred dollars in ones. Damn, it's time to ball out!
by JLar$on February 21, 2008
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This refers to the governor on a steam engine. Two heavy balls are attached to the engine so that as engine speed increases, the centrifigal force of the flywheel causes the balls to rise. As the balls top out, they govern (limit) the engine, thereby controlling maximum engine speed. "Balls out," then, refers to running the engine at maximum speed.
The engineer was running the train at a "balls out" pace while trying to make up time.
by Blueglowizard April 18, 2009
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