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one's wife

The origin is from ancient prisoner restraint methods -- approximately around the late middle ages, prisoners wore a heavy metal ball attached by a chain on their legs, to prevent them from making a run for their freedom (or at least, that is the way medieval prisoners are often depicted in modern popular culture).

The allusion is that one's wife will not let one go anywhere (mostly meant as "go out", rather than "run away from her"), much like the ball and chain.
--Ho, Bob, ya havin' 'nother?
--Nah, gotta head home pal, 'cause otherwise the old ball and chain will come in here an' drag me there.
by Misacek01 November 2, 2013
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All Balls No Chain, or abnc, is a very difficult sexual manuever that requires focus, a high threshold for nut pain, nutsack-eye coordination, and most importantly - extremely saggy nuts. While engaged in doggy position, the female may experience more pleasure from the male's droopy ball sack swinging forward, slapping and stimulating her clitoris - even more pleasurable than the actual penetration itself. At this point she will beg him to abnc her, swatting away that pesky dick and demand that he only use his grandfather clock nuts, rendering his limp pencil dick useless. The male may experience pain to his balls due to the constant vag slappings.
Sam: Yo bro i heard you chilled with Maria last night, did you nail her?

Dave: Well, not exactly but something like that

Sam: What? Did you get it in or not?

Dave: At first yeah, but eventually she wanted me to finish her off by way of abnc

Sam: Oh nice, you definitely have those perfect droopy donkey nuts for a solid all balls no chain

Dave: Thanks man
by SoggyBottoms11 November 26, 2011
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An outrageously fun wedding, where the bride and groom acknowledge that they are prisoners of love - prepared to be legally shackled to one another for eternity. Prison Attire is required at a Ball and Chain Ball.
Eric: Will you Marry Me? Adele: Yes, but only at a Ball and Chain Ball. Eric: Duh! Adele: Please don't dress up as Nick Nolte. Eric: As long as you don't dress up like Martha Stewart.

A deal is struck, and the planning begins for the ball and chain ball.
by Joe Mama Harrington November 14, 2008
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(noun) when a female gets pregnant on purpose, with the hope that the baby daddy will then marry her. Once a wife, women are often referred to as "the old ball and chain" because they keep a guy held down; away from his friends; "imprisoned."
Tiffany lied to Marquez about being on birth control, and now she's going to have her little ball and chain baby--but there's no way that Marquez is going to marry her.
by mike87111 February 21, 2010
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To masturbate, the ball refers to the male testicles and chain refers to the actual penis
Man I'm so horny, time to yank the ball and chain

I'm so sore, I spent all day yanking the ball and chain
by LD;) October 10, 2017
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When one or both partners in a committed relationship become aroused during discussions regarding engagement or matrimony; arousal will occur despite a lack of sexual advances on either part.
Caitlin: "It was the strangest thing...Brian and I were talking about getting engaged the other day, and all of a sudden he had a raging hard on."

Carole: "Uhh, yeah. That's because he has a bad case of Ball and Chain Syndrome."
by C.P.Q. October 7, 2009
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Used as a noun to describe a whore
man 1- yo dawg, have you met susie?

man 2- BRO!!!! That bitch needs a double ball and chain to fill her appetite
by GVMSEG April 21, 2010
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