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when u see a bald man this is his name
the light form baldie's head is reflecting into my eyes!
quick go rub baldie's head for good luck!
by Angie G April 29, 2002
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(noun), Street slang used to describe a pitbull that Possesses completely white head typical known as bald pitbulls)The reference of that in regards to the Bald Eagle , when fully matured has a completely white head.
-“Yo Deshawn did you see the size of that head on that baldie Mike was walking on 30th?”
by DEADMEAT April 16, 2019
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Bald headed graphics teacher.With a borderline psychotic and somewhat manic personality, so they say...
Not exactly bald, but with short hair( baby blonde). (LOL)
He's o.k. if you stay in his good books. Usually with a Cowan and Sharpy in tow.
by steve January 12, 2005
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