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The perfect girl, one that you will love forever. Beautiful and very funny. Is never one to let you down or disappoint. Is amazing, awesome, and incredible all at the same time. Not found very often. Anytime you are around a Sheryl you are always happy. Very caring friend, shy when you first meet her but often found acting like an idiot around her friends but on the contrary is extremely intelligent. Can stand up for herself and does not let other people boss her around. A person everybody looks up to as a leader.
Joe: man he is lucky he's going out with a Sheryl
by Devil001 August 21, 2008
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An all-around wonderful person. She is the greatest friend in the world, and even though she may hurt you emotionally once or twice, she will always forgive you and have your back. Sheryl is intelligent, beautiful, and she is a good way. :) She knows what she wants and she knows how to get it. Don't take advantage of her because she will make your life a living heck. If you get to know her and she gets to know you however, you will love her and she will love you back. :)
Man Sheryl, you are such an amazing friend, I love you.
Jeez Sheryl, you are so beautiful, I don't deserve you.
Sheryl's such a great friend!
by CrazieHunniee August 31, 2010
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a girl from austrailia who seem pretty cool. she kinda likes texas accents and hates miley cyrus and justin bieber. she loves glee.she thinks dog are cooler then cats and likes apples with peanut butter :P
wow look a sheryl!
by cjk 123 June 02, 2010
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Very cute person. Loveable, nice, sweet, kind, awesome, caring, angelic, beautiful person! I hope you found this Sheryl!! -Denver W. I love you so much!!
I love you so much Sheryl! I hope you have a great morning!!
by Denver W. January 04, 2019
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- a girl with kickass personality
- huge fan of Selena Gomez and BTS
- has the tendency to laugh extremely loud
- may be a bit crazy
Guy 1: Who's that dancing over there?
Guy 2: Oh you know, Sheryl...
by BangtanPotato May 29, 2018
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Small milk-chocolate-raison-alike pieces of faecal matter caught in the anal cradle until they are transferred to underwear or douched in a shower. The slang term 'Sheryl' is a reference to the singer Sheryl Crow who, in April 2007, championed the usage of a single piece of toilet paper for each trip to the john. Also sometimes called 'bumcrows'.
Oh man, when I flipped her over she had a pair of Sheryls swinging in her back hammock.

Dude, we’re gone; there's a crow in my cappuccino.
by Clifferd Goat April 23, 2007
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