A phrase usually placed before an obscure accusation of a person, place, or thing, followed by a good quality of that thing. This makes the accusation not seem as bad, though the speaker truly hates it.
dont get me wrong, the Wii is good with Mario, but Sony and Microsoft are better.
by Green Midget January 28, 2011
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A chick who is not beautiful or extremely sexy - but has just enough appeal to have sex with. Indicates a willingness to have sex even though there are obvious faults.
A:That chick has a huge ass and a mustache but great tits.
B: Don't get me wrong (I'd fuck her).
by AZ Woody September 6, 2008
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Noun - Just because I’m suddenly upcoming doesn’t mean I dig you or I’m just doing it because I need something in return. Either way it could mean I was controlling all this time and came to a conclusion that you’re worth the second thought or I just found the color of your shoes complimentary to the chair over there and it sparked joy. So I was thankful. (Don’t get me wrong) #vague
Don’t get me wrong, I think we’ll be fine. Then again let’s not go there.

Don’t get me wrong I really wish things were different.
by Curlyfry_3RO August 27, 2019
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To get or do something incorrectly
Jerry gets so much things wrong, we should call him the "Get Wrong" boy!
by FireyJS September 7, 2021
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