The professor at your school who gets mad and runs after you and tries to beat you with a ruler for every problem you get wrong.
Guy1: "Have you ever played Baldi's Basics? It's all over YouTube!"
Guy2: "Yes, he beat me with a ruler!"
Guy1: "Use more BSoda next time."
by Hwk3r June 3, 2018
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Great Teacher due to his increible hearing abilities! He can not only tell where any sound come from, but who made it too!
Now for everybody's favorite subject, math! "Baldi's" messages to the player.
by Dank m3m3 June 4, 2018
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Baldi is a math teacher from the game Baldi's basics in education and learning that will give you math questions from notebooks you have to collect, but if you get one wrong he will get mad and smack his ruler,you have to get all 7 notebooks and get out of the school before he catches you but if your too slow to get to an exit he will close it and you will have nowhere to go
Baldi smacked me with a ruler because i got a question wrong :(
by monikammmmmm June 3, 2018
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Baldi is the name of a man whom has a ruler and will slap you with it and you will love every single second of it as you are beat to death by Baldi's ruler.
Baldi is fucken hot.
by Baldi's Ruler May 30, 2018
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That one freakin’ teacher with that one freakin’ ruler that smacks that one freakin’ part of the body that I shall not mention.
by Mug Handle June 22, 2018
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A bald man from a trending spoopy horror game
Welcome to baldi’s basics in education and learning! That’s me!
by Flowey The killer flower June 13, 2018
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A firm, determined, erotic, ferocious, shake-weight-esque, professionally delivered, precisely executed hand job, full of motion in a climate controlled crib. All of your problems are released in five minutes when receiving a Baldi.
Clifford: Yo Dutchy just got a Baldi in the crib!
Felix: Dude I got one in the attic!
Frederick: I'm next in line!
Pablo: Who wants a Baldi?!?!
by baldilover69 January 12, 2011
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