A group of bandits lead by Baku. Tantalus once owned "The Prima Vista", which crashed in the Evil Forest.
The Tantalus hideout is in Lindblum!
by Jayne the Annoyer February 17, 2004
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The most badass troupe of theives in the world who also put on plays. Blank, Marcus, Zidane, Ruby, Zenero, Benero, Genero, and Baku.
The Tantalus were hired by Cid Fabool to kidnap Princess Garnet.
by Anonymous October 7, 2003
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A type of energy field used by the evil Captain Kirk in the "Mirror, Mirror" episode to discipline his crew. It caused excruciating pain. It was called the "Tantalus Field."
No, not the Tantalus Field!
by TheBigB March 17, 2004
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When a female is solely attracted to gay males. Or vice versa
I wish she'd stop following me, her Tantalus syndrome is totally noticeable .
by YT_Rezonate December 20, 2018
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From Tantalus, the Greek mortal cursed in Tartaurus to spend all eternity in a pool of water with fruit branches overhead, but never being able to reach them to take a bite to eat or drink.

Used to describe a purpetual streak of bad luck, usually characterized by a sudden upsurge of good fortune that ultimately turns sour when the 'cursed' party goes to secure it.
Man, I'm really Tantalus cursed, today. I just got this big check in the mail, that I need to pay the bills with, but I can't cash it in, anywhere!
by SynjoDeonecros November 29, 2004
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