In the Medieval Ages there was a period when bakers began cheating the public at such a rate that public outcry reached the ears of several kings. As bread was a daily staple of Medieval life, the bakers knew that they could charge a lot of money for minimal portions of their products. As such, kings levied laws against bakers stating that they were to lower their pricesand keep honest. In fact the common term "A Baker's Dozen" (meaning 13 instead of 12) came from this time period. Any baker caught selling less than an even dozen was strictly and harshly punished. As a result bakers began adding one extra loaf to be certain their count would be correct or even over the amount decreed by law.
How many donuts would you like?
A baker's dozen, please.
by allygat-urr April 17, 2005
(n.) the act of smoking 13 consequetive bowls of marijuana. A double-entendre; "baker" refers to both the marijuana being burnt and the number traditionally associated with baked goods
Dude, I got so fucked up yesterday. We smoked a baker's dozen. I couldn't move for a day.
by slapdick July 24, 2004
Being penetrated by 13 men, one after the other
just like that
Tim: This girl walked into our bakery the other day, asked for a baker's dozen... we sure gave her one. She could barely walk afterwards.

Derek: Man that shit is ugly
by Alex G Thomas April 25, 2008
The exhausting phenomenon of having thirteen loose bowel evacuations in one 24 hour period. Especially while on holiday in Mexico or in Majorca on your 30th birthday with seven of your mates.
'I really thought Paul was going to make a baker's dozen but he bust and had his 14th at five to midnight. That's 20 euros wasted then.'
by mockschmock December 7, 2006
An act in which a man engages in at least 13 coital engagements to ejaculation, all within a 24 hour period. Represents high achievement of male sexual stamina, much as a marathon is to a runner or as ballooning around the world is to rich white men.
Man: How was the trip to see your "girlfriend"?
Dude: Man, I tore her ass up! Made it a baker's dozen just so she wouldn't forget.
Man: Whatever, Dude. Doesn't count if you cranked them out by hand.
by Maj February 20, 2004
A Bakers Dozen is 13 of something. 12 is a dozen, but because bakers used to have extra dough left over after baking a dozen loaves of bread, they gathered it up to make one more!
Man: Woah man you've got so many cookies, give me some!
Man2: No way, dude! I only have a bakers dozen!
by TheSillySausage May 26, 2016