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One who plays with his own scrotum (for personal entertainment or otherwise); someone who cannot keep from performing adjustments to his genetalia. See bagyanker.
He either needs to get some pants that fit better or maybe he can get a job at the airport. He's such a baggage handler! Would he be handling other people's bags? Fag.
by Satchel Page July 27, 2003
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Ben got a job at the San Francisco airport as a "Baggage Handler" & won employee of the year for never losing anyones skin baggage
by Doyle March 07, 2004
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Someone who plays with there testicles all day, like a baggage handler would handle bags all day.
A:fuk look at that bloke hes bin playin with his nuts all day
B: Yeh hes a fukin baggage handler
by raymond alborado September 19, 2006
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