One who plays with his own scrotum (for personal entertainment or otherwise); someone who cannot keep from performing adjustments to his genetalia. See bagyanker.
He either needs to get some pants that fit better or maybe he can get a job at the airport. He's such a baggage handler! Would he be handling other people's bags? Fag.
by Satchel Page July 27, 2003
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Ben got a job at the San Francisco airport as a "Baggage Handler" & won employee of the year for never losing anyones skin baggage
by Doyle March 8, 2004
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Someone who plays with there testicles all day, like a baggage handler would handle bags all day.
A:fuk look at that bloke hes bin playin with his nuts all day
B: Yeh hes a fukin baggage handler
by raymond alborado September 19, 2006
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A description of the penis of a man who has overindulged in sexual self labour. As in to border on double figures for the number of times he has spanked the monkey in one day. It refers to the friction on a baggage handler's arm as it is pulled in and out of bags causing it to become bright purple and sore.
"Dude, that guy's 'played the pecker banjo' so many times today! He must have a dick like a baggage handler's arm."
by No Name Johnny September 6, 2005
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The state of a man's genitalia after a prolonged bout of wanking, frottage or lube free sex (possibly with a post-menopausal MILF)

Derived from the state of a baggage handlers forarm after being repeatedly thrust through partially opened zips to steal cartier watches, mobiles and anything else they can get their theiving hands on.
I was up all night bumming your mum and now my cock's like a baggage handlers forearm.
by murty murt August 23, 2006
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A guy or girl that has a type that consists of the significant other having baggage or some form of an emotional burden
Steve is a baggage handler he only likes girls with baggage.
by PHD. Mike Hunt September 10, 2020
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When a relationship starts great then you realize that person comes with crazy kids and an exes. Since you moved in with your new person you have to deal with all their baggage until the lease is up.
John moved in with Pam things were great ... until Pam’s kids moved in and were diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and now her ex - husband , Nick came over on Christmas. John as to handle all her baggage, John is a baggage handler until the lease is up.
by Lilfapp415 January 7, 2021
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