Women over the age of sixty.

An old lady that is not attractive yet is seeking a younger man.
Worst comes to the worst, i will bang that bager by the bar.

That bager wants my balls.
by Ear to the street. February 20, 2010
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Bager is a word for an incredible person, the word shows how strong and macho the person is.. no matter the sex.
Bager is also danish for baker.

If bager is a part of a name with Niels in front of it, it totally cancels the meaning of the word Niels
Girl 1: Hey theres Niels Bager
*13 girls fainting*
Girl 14: I'll give birth to your childs!
by Vaizardus January 2, 2009
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The inverse of a Jager Bomb. Instead of a glass of redbull with a shot of Jager, a bager jomb consists of a glass of Jager and a shot of redbull.
My homie took a bager jomb and bit a chunk out of our boys shoulder.”
by Potatosalad32 May 7, 2021
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Some of the most credible people in the world. They reside in Darien, CT and love to lavish themselves and those around them. Though not always true, they are almost always the richest, high-society folks who own more than one house, some boats, mansions, expensive cars and other luxuries. Those who don't live in Darien tend to be wildly jealous. Teens in Darien tend to spend their free time shopping for $200 jeans and drinking. Adults spend their time working, finding more houses and trying to figure out how to be better than everyone else. Darien is one of the richest towns in the United States. It rivals in sports with New Canaan, CT, which is equally as rich but not nearly as competant in sports or academics. Many celebrities are d-bagers, they reside in Darien.
Hey look, it's a really rich guy with 7 houses!
He must live in Darien!
Oh...he's a D-Bager-i love those guys!
Yea, me too they're like 100 times better than new canaan. Everyone hates new canaan!
by iAmADbager March 11, 2005
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Someone who doesn't want that guy before, "Lex", hanging out in their town. Hey dude, ever notice how those kids looked at you? You don't belong.
The D-Bagers noticed the trashballs hanging out at their Dunkin Donuts and thought, "Please go back to Stamford, riffraff."
by bernie the lama February 25, 2005
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WATERFRONT REAL ESTATE BITCHES. Know your place you NC losers. D-bagers aka people from Darien, CT are obviously superior.
"I would have moved to New Canaan but then I wouldn't get to be a rich d-bager who lives on the water."
by RICH DARIEN BRAT May 6, 2005
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Someone from Darien that can acutally spell words like FAGGOT or PROBABLY, unlike people from New Canaan who might spell them faget and probaly. D-bagers are much smarter than people from New Canaan.
I'm a d-bager and I can spell unlike people from New Canaan.

Wow! D-bagers are much smarter and much better people than anyone from New Canaan.
by i'm smart April 7, 2005
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