A poor woman, often homeless, who uses bags or shopping carts to transport her posessions and collect things that might be of use or traded for money.
I looked around for a trash can, but to my dismay, the nearest one was being picked-through by a bag lady.
by isilde April 7, 2005
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a homeless or poor woman that wears tacky, weird looking outfits and usually has dirty fuzzy hair and a hat. They pack around bags or a bag filled with junk and sing songs as they waddle down the streets
That bag lady asks me for a ham sandwich every single day of my life.
by Theonewithoutaname November 10, 2009
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A woman who collects emotional baggage over time. Wherever she is, so are her bags. Bags often contain the affects of betrayal, dishonesty, molestation, abortions, rejection, low-self esteem, etc. These are examples of baggage that often destroys relationships.
That bag lady needs some counseling. All of her marriages end in divorce because of her baggage.
by Alethea Pascascio January 17, 2006
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1. A woman who takes on other people's emotional or physical burdens/responsibilities as her own.

2. A woman who carries old hurt and emotional scars like a burden which keeps her from making progress.
Example 1:
Man 1: Why does that woman have so many kids?
Man 2: Oh, she's a bag-lady, most of those kids are relatives she's taken custody of.

Example 2:
Woman 1: I want to kick my friend's boyfriend in the shins because he's a douche-bag.
Woman 2: Don't be a bag-lady, she's choosing to stay with him.

Example 3:

Badu: "Bag lady you gon hurt your back, carrying all them bags like that. I guess nobody ever told you, all you must hold on to is you."
by RavingLunatic07 March 5, 2011
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A woman who lives on the streets and never washes.Also is well known for keeping all her belongings in lots of bags
"let the pitbull off the lead so he can maul that bag lady"
by shearer June 18, 2003
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Fat woman with nasty hair who waddles down any street that is in poor condition. Frequently says "sha-na-na-na" during her travels.
I was trying to go home last night but I was spotted by a bag lady who wouldn't stop singing to me so I figured I'd sing along. We wound up sitting around, discussing the heart that makes bricks go 'round the animals from the moon at night...or something. I don't exactly remember. You'd have to ask her.
by Stavajousa August 27, 2003
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A woman who walks around with a colostomy bag attached to her hip
Annie: Hey Sheila whats that bump over your ass...

Sheila: Oh thats me colostomy bag

Annie: So you are a Bag lady

Sheila: Fuck you Bitch
by Virginia Brat 22 March 21, 2010
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