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n., adj., interj.: a play on the similarities between "Badnarik" (Michael Badnarik, Libertarian candidate in 2004 for the United States Presidency) and "bad-ass / bad ass," both verbally and by connotation. Popularized by Badnarik's hardcoreness, especially his arrest and imprisonment during the CPD-run Presidential Debates.

Sometimes written as "bad-narik" or "bad narik"
"Dude, we got the hookup" "Badnarik, dude!"

"The capabilities of this new software are frankly fairly bad-narik"

"Where George go?" "Aw, he over there talkin' to some ladies, he think he a badnarik with all them chains."
by David October 14, 2004
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Sometimes Michael Badnarik; a person (always male) who approaches people at parties to discuss Ayn Rand and talk about how he will be very rich in the near future.

Badnariks tend to form in adolescence, and generally grow into Republicans in adulthood. If you see a Barnarik above the age of 19, DO NOT APPROACH. He will, if cornered, spout over-simplifications and pithy-but-meaningless rhetoric.

Badnariks tend to be members of the comfortable middle-class created by post-WWII expansion of government and progressive tax policy.
"Dude, Pete's all right, but his roommate's totally a Barnarik -- when he found out I've never read 'The Fountainhead', I had to get the hell out of there.
by Alex February 12, 2005
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