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The worst kind of person. You cannot fully construct a meaning that fully encompasses what this vicious insult means. If you're an asshole, you are disgusting, loathesome, vile, distasteful, wrathful, belligerent, agoraphobic, and more. Assholes are human fecal matter. They are the lowest of the low. They transcend all forms of immorality. It is the very worst of insults; to be called an asshole is to have your very soul ripped apart and shat on. I say that the word "asshole" is the worst cussword of the english language, worst than fuck, shit, and cunt combined.
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by Eric Melech April 16, 2005

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The day with the event that finally gave the US government the perfect excuse to scare the rights out of most citizens. God DAMN America.
i~i - T-H-E - P-A-T-R-I-O-T - A-C-T - i~i
by Eric Melech April 19, 2005

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Yet another excuse for fat people not to put down the fork.
Fat Bitch: oiinm,m nmnbot fgadat, imim,m OILGBFDAUEDTGDIGFSDFY11! LK;KO;OO;O;OOO;OLOL

Me: Jesus fucking christ, you're fingers are so gargantuanly lardy that you can't type without hitting all the adjacent keys. Stop with the stupid little denial phrases and lose some weight already!!
by Eric Melech April 08, 2005

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One of the few shows that actually make me laugh out loud. Most funny shows (South Park, Beavis and Butthead, stand-up comics like Dennis Leary but not racist twatsuckers like Chris Rock) usually draw a grin from me. YET another Adultswim comedy goldmine (other fine examples are Futurama, Family Guy, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force).!
You want an example? Get off your computer and turn on Cartoon Network at night.
by Eric Melech April 07, 2005

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The polite term for cunt. Used by idiots and pussies alike.
Jimmy: j00 r sux0r c-wurd biznatch lolbunwiches
Eric: You.. are an idiot and a pussy.
by Eric Melech April 16, 2005

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The overwhelming anger of a nerd when something or someone gets the "facts" wrong on a geeky subject such as Star Trek, Dungeons & Dragons, Lunix, etc.
Nerd: "So what do you think about Star Trek?"

Human: "Isn't that the space show with Captain Jean Luc Skywalker?"

Nerd seethes and painstakingly explains in erudite detail on the differences between Star Wars and Star Trek.

Human sits there, pretends to think for a long moment, then says: But he's still a Jedi, right?

Nerd's head explodes from the massive influx of nerdrage.


Nerd: "Lunix truly is the superior operating system!"

Human: "Microsoft Windows is better."

Nerd: "WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY!??!!?!??!?!!!!?!?!"

Human: "Well, more programs run for it. And free stuff just sucks, man."

Nerd's eyes become bloodshot, face beet-red, and steam shoots from his ears.

Human: "Bill Gates is my hero."

Nerd: "I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" *heart attack*
by Eric Melech November 28, 2007

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Since there are already a bunch of great definitions of this, I'll only add my two cents:

This has got to be one of THE MOST disturbing things I have seen, and I have seen many, many disturbing things. I'm not one to be creeped out
S-E-E - F-O-R - Y-O-U-R-S-E-L-F :

by Eric Melech April 07, 2005

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