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A lollergag is when someone goes "lol" and someone else who has passed 2nd grade english chokes the "loller" to death.
lollerchic691991: dude LOL
lollerchic691991: tats hat LOL
lollerchic691991: secks kekekekek LOL
bloodninja grabs lollerchic by the throat and lollergags her to death.
by Eric Melech October 27, 2006
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In a nutshell: A form of government where your power or position is based on your ability or achievements. Like communism, this sounds really good on paper (or a computer screen).
Allow us to introduce you to the concept of a "meritocracy" - the closest thing
to a form of self-government we have. In The United Meritocratic nation-states
of the Internet, those who can do, rule. Those who wish to rule, learn.
Everyone else watches from the stands.

-- Welcome to the Internet - redpaw 1.16.00
by Eric Melech March 01, 2005
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Libertarian who ran for presidency; he got arrested when trying to enter the presidential debates.
I voted for him instead of being another sheep voting for bush or kerry. Most people I know yelled at me, to which I said "fuck you, I am my own person, and if I don't think that either bush or kerry were worth voting for, then fuck 'em".
by Eric Melech April 19, 2005
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Someone who constantly ignores (iggy's) people in chatrooms and IRC, usually followed by informing the person of their being iggy'd. Yahoo chatters with programs like YElite and YTunnel are the worst offenders as those programs automatically spit out some digital garbage like "user, you just got ass canned in t3h hiz0uze biznatch yo yo yo! 1337 yidiots got theysawves CANNED yo yo yo!"
See the fucking goddamned definition!! Stupid urbandictionary and it's "Example must have at least 20 letters and 3 words"...
by Eric Melech April 16, 2005
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Better known as the Gmail Invite Spooler, this most excellent service allows ANYONE to get a Gmail invite without having to pester random geeks and nerds on large message boards.

In a nutshell, it's a database of Gmail invites so anyone can easily get their hands on the equally innovative and totally awesome Gmail, which will probably grow to 3 gigs of inbox space per person by the end of the month.
Go to www.isnoop.net/gmail , enter your email address, and voila!

Current Gmail users can finally empty their 50 invites by scrolling down the page a bit and clicking the button (or by sending all your invites to gmail(N0SP4M)@isnoop(N0SP4M).net ).

Don't worry, your invite pool gets reset to 50 about once or twice a week, which you can then send to the Invite Spooler again! I've sent about 200-300 and plan on sending much more! Whaddya sitting here and reading this stupid definition for!? Go to www.isnoop.net/gmail and get/give some invites already!! Show your support by clicking their sponsors.
by Eric Melech April 07, 2005
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A mysterious device or artifact named in one of the earliest screenshots of Doom. See Captain's Hand and Sandwich.
by Eric Melech April 16, 2005
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The overwhelming anger of a nerd when something or someone gets the "facts" wrong on a geeky subject such as Star Trek, Dungeons & Dragons, Lunix, etc.
Nerd: "So what do you think about Star Trek?"

Human: "Isn't that the space show with Captain Jean Luc Skywalker?"

Nerd seethes and painstakingly explains in erudite detail on the differences between Star Wars and Star Trek.

Human sits there, pretends to think for a long moment, then says: But he's still a Jedi, right?

Nerd's head explodes from the massive influx of nerdrage.


Nerd: "Lunix truly is the superior operating system!"

Human: "Microsoft Windows is better."

Nerd: "WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY!??!!?!??!?!!!!?!?!"

Human: "Well, more programs run for it. And free stuff just sucks, man."

Nerd's eyes become bloodshot, face beet-red, and steam shoots from his ears.

Human: "Bill Gates is my hero."

Nerd: "I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" *heart attack*
by Eric Melech November 28, 2007
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