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\ˈbad\ \ˈe-nər-jē\ 1:A less than favorable condition or situation that develops as the quantity of a particular drug begins to decline. i.e., As the amount of a substance decreases, the so-called "bad energy" increases. Other factors include; addiction, intelligence, funding. etc 2:Bad energy is a person or individuals (a)whom are no longer necessary now that funding, transportation, supply or other criteria necessary to allocate a substance have been met. (b)who are expecting owed monies or properties to be repaid and doesn't buy the excuses that you have fabricated. (c)who hinders someones ability to bum, mooch or freeload. (d)who deny loans or services needed to allocate a substance. (e)who calls Child Protective Services when a child is being neglected, ignored, or improperly monitored. 3:Any place or establishment avoided so that monies or properties owed to that establishment or a patron who frequents that establishment can continue being dismissed. 4:Bad energy is anything that hinders or derails the ability to allocate a substance which may include but are no limited to:bills, collectors, bills that can no longer be deferred, a child, diapers, wipes, food, transportation, a job, funds, child protective services, personal loans, personal and/or family obligations, automobile maintenance, pregnancy, changing a diaper, hygiene, rent, taxes, dealer won't accept food stamps, cooking, cleaning, crying baby, paranoia, car insurance, or SIMPLY RUNNING OUT of DRUGS.
Simply running low or running out of drugs is bad energy.
by stopbreedingdumbass November 20, 2011
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