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basically a comeback, most likely pumped with attitude, sass and or shade.
he called her ratchet! you should have heard the clapback oh jesus.
by kwb August 12, 2013
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A dumb-assed replacement phrase for the word-phrase "comeback", which, in normal people English, means "retort".
It makes no sense since "clap" is a word that doesn't represent anything having to do with the meaning of the intention behind the phrase, and meaning something completely different.
In fact, you could replace the verb aspect of this word-phrase with almost any verb, such as:


and the dumb-assedness of the phrase stays the same, since the focus isn't on it's etymology, but the intention of meaning that the speaker has. The reason that this is dumb is because words mean things and, now, we're arriving at a place where any word can mean anything. This, of course, will inevitably lead to the world simply "barking" at each other like dogs would since, in the future, all we'll need to do is make noises at each other to get our points across since no specific word holds any intrinsic meaning anymore.
Steve: "I was watching YouTube videos and I hear them continue using the word "Clapback", but I can't understand what they mean. The meaning just sounds like "comeback" to me."

Andy: "Yep. You're right Steve. That's pretty much all it means."

Steve: "But we already had a word to describe that. Why would people want to make up another one?"

Andy: "To quote the band The Refreshments' song 'Banditos', "Everybody knows that the world is full of stupid people."
by My Diction is Reckless December 06, 2017
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-to insult someone after they insult you
A: yo, ja rule claped back at 50 wit dat song
B: werd
by da1 November 04, 2003
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When that nasty bout of gonnorhea returns
My dick be drippin' again... I guess that clap back....
by snotty nose February 11, 2005
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to completely bitch someone out after they effed you over.
Kellen needs to be clapped back.
by Emily November 10, 2003
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