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shitty weed...full of seeds and stems
i was tryin to cop that dro but the spot got raided, so i had to cop a bag of this backyard boogie
by joeboodafatgangsta January 18, 2004
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dirt weed,regualar ass weed,bush,reggie miller,
"that backyard boogie will have ya knock tha fuck out"
by lunaticloco December 07, 2007
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Homegrown weed.

Shitty weed, grown at home "in the Backyard".
Backyard Boogie.
by Trust me January 02, 2006
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Backyard Boogie...really shitty weed thats grown in a back yard..

for randy stone rip
oh shit Aissa and Randy we got the Backyard boogie...

shit nig we got the Backyard Boog..

by the green muse aka viviana . February 22, 2009
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Backyard boogie is a slang word for weed or pot. HEH!
we're gonna go get some backyard boogie
by alex angeloff October 15, 2007
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The act of having coitus with some one while there family is asleep in the home.

Getting oral sex in a back yard.

Drinking to much and having intercourse in the yard.
I got some Back Yard Boogie from Sonia last night!

Dave wanted the Back Yard Boogie, but I had a headache.

Back Yard Boogie turns me on even when your Mom is home.
by BootyWagon November 03, 2010
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Means to perform sexual intercourse in a 'doggy-style' position
Ay yo I got me's a lil backyard boogie after da party....
by Hot Pritz November 06, 2003
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