Really bad marijuana that actually looks like dirt. Bad mexican swag.
Dude, you sold me dirt weed.
by Stoner October 9, 2003
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Weed, aka Marijuana grown in the ground South of the U.S. border that is cured hastily, that is to say it hasnt been cured slowly, but has been put in an oven or a dehydrator and shipped across the border. Such weed is often compacted in vacuum sealing devices or hiddden in any number of vehicles (coffee, cologne, ever wonder why it tastes like cheap cologne or manuere?).
Next time you take a hit of that "compact shit" or fluffy shwag, just remember that it wasnt grown or cured in ideal conditions, hence its decreased THC content and propensity to give you a headache as opposed to a nice "cognitive" high.
You know you have some Mexican Dirt Weed when you have some stuff that is either compact or fluffy wiht lots of stems and seeds. The presence of seeds indicates that male and female marijuana plants were not kept seperate. The general shitty texture and taste of the weed indicates that it wasnt properly cured. Anything that is not considered "dank" or "kb" is basically shitty ass shwag. Enjoy that headache endudsing shit you middle and high school beotches!
by miguel benally October 12, 2007
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