You guys ready for the boog?
Yep- I've got my Hawaiian shirt ready.
by Heil hittler May 17, 2020
A fan or player of Auburn University, better known as the cow college in West Georgia.
You will always be little brother, you pathetic Boog!
by The Ahura Mazda July 29, 2006
To describe a homeless person. Someone that sticks around too long like a booger and is usually crazy and cracked out. Almost always speaking gibberish notoriously named “booganese.”
Look at that boog, he’s just boogin’ around.
by Dictionarylover22 February 1, 2020
Dissapointing, sub-standard
I just got some boog weed you know
by Bodge February 27, 2004
A small, booger-sized pinch of weed.
Man I'm good on the blunt. Let's just smoke a Boog.

That is a delicious sack. Lemme get a Boog?
-One buck
by Johwha Fohtessa July 11, 2008
a boog is anyone who makes a stupid comment and fails at life in general. a boog also thinks they are amazing at anything they attempt regardless of their skill level
Your a boog!!
by cmungo February 15, 2011
Boog = Blog that is written in a similar way as a book or contains parts of a real printed book. Starting with the story, layout including index, chapters, page format etc.

Blook = Book originating from a blog
This boog received a good reputation all over the internet.
by plxp September 30, 2014