another term for regs; straight up normal weed.
Split, roll, full of that dro...have a nigga who smoke Reggie Miller coughin and chokin constantly
by F-R to the E-D September 27, 2005
Great Basketball player who is retiring in 2005. He played for the Indiana Pacers for his whole career. He is Mr. Clutch
by TamB May 28, 2005
A highly potent form of marijuana that can cause long fits of coughing after inhaling.

The use of "Reggie Miller" refers to an famous exchange during the NBA playoffs when Miller put his hands around his neck and pretended to "choke" in front of movie director Spike Lee after defeating his beloved New York Knicks.
"We blew back some of that Reggie Miller last night and I was so throwed I can't remember what happened next."
by StroLord March 2, 2006
Term for very low grade Marijuana. Also called Reggie for short.Also Reggie Milla Originated in Atlanta then spread out all through the south. Now white people use it and don't even know what it means. They say it means High Grade weed or Mids when it means HORRIBLE weed.
Lil Roc: What up nigga

DJ: wat up cuz

Lil Roc: shit chillin im bout ta smoke some of dis kush i got from my nigga marko

Dj: oh hell naw, dat nigga marko got that reggie miller dat shit didnt even give me a buzz my nigga

Lil Roc: What?! Im finna kill dat nigga cuzz
by Rico Shaw-vey May 25, 2008
An expression that describes something big. A big event, a big shot, a strong emotion, whatever.

It comes from the basketball player Reggie Miller, who is known for making clutch shots at the end of a game.
He had used the expression big time in a Wheaties commercial.
Example: That was a Reggie Miller big-time shot.

Do you like Wheaties? Oh yeah, Reggie Miller big-time
by suineme August 9, 2005
To commemorate Reggie Miller playing over 300 consecutive games, One has to do a power hour for 5 hours in order to join the club. Miller light is the obvious beer choice
I thought I was going to get into the Reggie Miller Club, but I blacked out at hour 5.
by d*j*b December 16, 2011