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A back pocket brew.

Originated by EBers in Austin, TX 2004.
Oh snap someone took my drink!!! Good thing i got a backie!
by blizzel August 01, 2004
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Noun. A pillion ride on a bicycle.

British in origin. Very dangerous, don't let your kids do it.
"Were you boys doing backies on David's bike?!"
"No mum, I swear!..... did you say 'bike' or 'dyke'?"
by Alex Quantashassle August 01, 2005
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Hand rolling tabacco.
Usually used when rolling a joint.
Dam! im out of cigarettes, u got any backie?
by Poyal November 02, 2004
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A person who has been a member of Youtube within 1 year(s) of the timing of its creation. This person may or may not be famous or charting in Youtube's standard. Nevertheless, the term 'backie' is a slang word coined to show meaning to the long term member of Youtube.
Did you see that backie's video?
Fred and Smosh are total backies.
by The Capo Experience June 15, 2011
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AKA Backwoods, a brand of cigars used to roll that piff bud smoke whatever you want to call it. Comes with 8 in a pack usually get atleast 1 thats fuck. If you got talent you in the rollin department and havnt used 1 your missin out. It aint a project like dutches, find the seem, unroll that shit and makes sure you cut or rip some off. Dont be lazy thats why people hate, but like I said if you can roll up a 10 then aint nothin touchn it.
Just grabbed up some piff, you got a backie.

"It don't matter if you lokin or bleedin
Wheather its backwards or zig zags ya smokin ya weed in
You slow pokin or speedin
All that counts to these motherfuckers is if you broke or suceedin" Fabolous
by RizRolla March 25, 2008
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Made up on the messageboards of, a Backie is a fan of Back to the Future.
You know you're a Backie when you shout out "Great Scott!" before you faint.
by Josh May 10, 2004
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A hard-core fan of the New Zealand show "Back of The Y"
Backies have even been known to write to the show, offering dares to the resident stuntman Randy Campbell, professional stuntsmen, "My dad says you are such a fucking retard, you cant even drive a car in a straight line 20 meters" and also generic support.
"We've recieved tens of letters from some of our more dedicated fans, who we should like to call ... Backies"
by Takumashii March 10, 2006
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