The next unit of counting after zillion. It is used to express HUGE amount. A well known movie director's son headed up the scientific study on the word, in the end proving that it scientifically exsist's.
by kidthatlikescats April 24, 2009
a person who has his nuts kept in a jar by his crazy girl friend, and is not allowed to go to dance parties.

One who loves the meat pole and sucks the english dick no homo.
"that whipped pillion was being a huge bukkake catching little bitch because his girlfriend forced him to not go out with his friends and get hammer timed, and instead sit in his room while thumbing his corn hole"

"that whipped pillion's balls are constantly in his girlfriends hole"
by NoHomo24 December 8, 2006
the younger dude riding pillion on a gay biker's motorcycle.
older gay biker: hey dude, wanna be my pillion boy?

younger dude: yeah sure bro

older gay biker: hold on tight 'n enjoy the ride!
by hornygayskater February 19, 2009
The vaginal discharge left behind on the passenger (pillion) seat of a motorcycle following a particularly arousing ride.
Dude, you should have seen the pillion puddle that Betty made when we rode the twisties yesterday!
by Lone * February 13, 2009