When a woman farts during anal sex. For a select few, this is looked at as something lovely or sexy.
When she farted during anal sex, it turned me on so much that I filled her ass completely.
by Devil January 04, 2004
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The uncontrolable suckback of air associated with chugging a carbonated drink too fast.
I pounded a coke and the backdraft was so intense it nearly killed me.
by pete huh January 14, 2006
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When you’re getting your ass eaten doggy style and you fart into your partners mouth.
Bryan: I’d like to discuss what happened last night after that steamy episode of Grey’s Anatomy.”
Steve: “sorry, If I caught you off guard when you were rimming my behind. There’s nothing worse than back draft on a first date.”
by Hamsterjam February 17, 2018
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When someone farts in one room & it follows them into another room.
Sorry, I farted in the bathroom, but I guess I had a backdraft follow me in here.
by Backdraft Brad November 27, 2004
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Upon withdraw from the anus after ejaculating in the rectum during the act of anal sex the receiver passes gas ejecting the contents of the rectum (ie. seamen santorum blood ect.) back on to the pitcher. This term can be applied to both a Homosexual or Heterosexual act.
My woman gave me the Back Draft last night. When i finished blasting her in the ass.
by Chris FitchX January 08, 2010
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When people with convertibles put their tops down when the weather is 50 degrees or higher with the windows up
Hey check out that dumbass back draft at the light.
by Latin Luva March 28, 2008
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When you attempt to fart, but not enough effort is exerted so the gas bubble creeps or is suctioned back inside. You end up having to wait until it re-forms before being able to expel it.
A: DAMMIT, I got a bad case of backdraft!
Q: What happened?
A: I tried to fart but it crept back inside because I didn't force it hard enough. Now I'm all bloated and constipated-like.
by Rosalie Dawson September 10, 2006
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