When someone is standing in a doorway and you kick them in the crotch to make them move. Formerly used only when someone was blocking a fire exit during an emergency, the "fire escape" is now used in any situation where a person is standing in a doorway.
*fire escapes the person in crotch* get out of the doorway before we all burn to death!
by Ben Hartman July 10, 2006
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when you puke and shit at the same time
oh shit! jimmy just had a fire escape because he ate too much taco bell!!
by BurningWaterPark February 4, 2016
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A male grasps his woman firmly from behind within the confines of a fire escape. The womans hands are normally placed on the rail of the stairs and the wall for added support, bent forth. Upon reaching his climax, the man thrusts the woman forward down the stairs, while pulling out exclaiming "fire escape". Holding in his fluids, he rushes down to her side and promptly "puts out the flames".
Jon: "Mital, we have an empty fire escape. You down??"
Mital: "The fire escape? Oh well actually, I'm still recovering from the wounded seagull. Maybe another time though."
by Chanigga aka "white stuff" October 10, 2010
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When several people get out of a car at a stoplight, and have sex on top of the car. A sex act that is extremely difficult to pull off, and has an extremely high probability of arrest. DO NOT ATTEMPT
Did you see those two have sex on their car??" "No, i can't believe anyone would try the Japanese Fire Escape!
by hollowed leaf December 27, 2010
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The act of using the Hot Cheeto or Taki (or whatever remnants of spicy food you have) on your fingers and violently fingering your asshole.
"Duddddddeeee wyd after dinner?"

"Man, a good old Fire Escape after I finish these spicy wings!"
by thatlowcar December 6, 2021
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