A way of telling someone to back up, or move.
by abstrak8 March 14, 2005
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The back back is the 2 seats in the back of a seven seat car
Your going to have to go in the back back

Can you pop up the seats from the back back

Can you help me get out of the back back
by FlyingTuna August 14, 2019
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To dive and tackle someone to the ground. Named for Raiden's move in Mortal Kombat. Also Bob Nelson
by DJ Illnutz March 28, 2003
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When you're totally surrounded by an enemy, and there's no escape, a trusted friend stands with his/her back touching yours, so you both can fight in efforts to protect each other's back. This can be done physically as well as verbally. The unity and dedication of the two coming together in this formation to act as one is a tactical defense whatever the battle may be.
At the Hot Gates (in the Hellespont), there were only two Spartans left against the Immortals who had encircled them. The two stood back-to-back defiantly in complete confidence of each other's capabilities and dared the enemy to attack, thus saving Western Civilization.
by Kit Carson January 16, 2010
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