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Adam is the kind of Arabian Egyptian name.
Adam is the good kid, sometimes could have good grades or bad grades. But the one thing this man has is Empathy ALOT OF IT. Adam can sense into someone's brain. He is really nice when he accidentaly hurts someone.
Me: The Sky Looks Like A Bunch Of Small Orbeaz

Me (in my head): Lets just hope he thinks im going crazy.
Adam: Bro are you ok? How many fingers do i have? What school do you go to? Who Am I?
by FlyingTuna February 28, 2022
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The back back is the 2 seats in the back of a seven seat car
Your going to have to go in the back back

Can you pop up the seats from the back back

Can you help me get out of the back back
by FlyingTuna August 14, 2019
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