to sit back to back with another male and jerk off, usually backs are not touching, but if they are its a TBTB touching back to back.
tom: hey rod wanna toss a batch back to back ?
rod: yeah like the last time where you painted my back?
tom: no dude i promise this time, we'll make it a TBTB so there will be no surprises.
by sweet_lou September 28, 2007
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The act of two people deficating in the same toilet seat thus they are using there backs as support.
After a long committed commited friendship, bob and I decided to perform back to,back. back to back
by Rickie Mitch March 2, 2014
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Where two males back up on a large dildo
Did you here Brent is the BYC back to back champion!
by Bye week March 23, 2021
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To go on an adventurous trip into the wild with a minimal of tools. Both literary and metaforicly.
Will: Let`s head over into that patch of brambles! and take off your shirt and pants, we`re going bare-backing-back-packing.

Barry: I`ll bring the flashlight!
by rangourthaman July 6, 2009
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In loving memory of Meek Mill 1987-2015
After back to back Meek Mill's carrer ended.
by Untmabea November 6, 2015
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The baddest music diss ever published in our generation.
That nigga Meek Mill, went to sleep after he listened to that song back-to-back.
fire diss
by IamblacksoIknow August 28, 2015
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When an individual sees two ladies in a row with great racks. Usually occurs in a public setting, such as a sporting event.
Just saw back to back racks while heading to the snack bar.
by triz18 September 5, 2011
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