A pretentious phrase some people use to signal approval for previous irresponsible conduct while avoiding references to the consequences of conduct they learned by necessity to avoid.
Back in the day we drank gallons of liquor and battered anyone we did not like.
by Shmata Than August 16, 2017
As in yesterday. Ironic usage of an older expression. Making reference to our collective short term memory. The constant churning of events from the present into the bin of discarded Time magazines.
Back in the day there was a future that is now old news.
by yo-haan June 21, 2004
Used in conversation to recall and discuss to a past memory. Back in the day is only to be used for events twenty years or greater in the past.
by ctgeek71 July 31, 2008
An imprecise time in the past for which I am too lazy to figure out the date or time period.
Back in the day bread was only 50 cents a loaf.
by Specific Word Woman April 24, 2012
Reminiscing, remembering fun times, remembering a time when life was more simple
We'd play hide-n-seek only after dark, back in the day.
Back in the day, I could beat Mario Brothers in 10 minutes.
Back in the day, I'd bug my sister 'til she ran to her bedroom bawling, then laugh hysterically.
by DennyJr November 22, 2006
Completely meaningless phrase which has gained inexplicable global popularity. It's an incomplete thought: Back in what day? It's a redundant way of saying "Once, I..." or "I used to..." and adds words without adding any extra meaning. Similar to the equally pointless "at the end of the day..." popularised by English soccer stars.
Back in the day, I used to be younger.

I was a child once, back in the day.
by hunthill August 18, 2006