May 15th is when we celebrate national go back to the streets day, this special day is when we point out and mention our fellow hoes and simply say hey.. go back to the streets
Bobby: Tomorrows my birthday I’m so exited

David: no one cares about your birthday Bobby we all celebrate go back to the streets day instead
by Standingshady May 15, 2022
A day where all your built up emotions and feelings just come out. At first you feel blem , then it hits you. The fact that its one of those days to realize who and where you are emotionally.
Damn im having a smack back day.
by Zimba phire September 24, 2019
Break a childs back day is when you walk up to anyone between 3-17 and break their back, It is celebrated on June 3rd.
"Hello child!"
*breaks back* "Haha! It's break a childs back day!"
by RUSAMEBOOSAILICE September 9, 2022