2 definitions by Shmata Than

A pretentious phrase some people use to signal approval for previous irresponsible conduct while avoiding references to the consequences of conduct they learned by necessity to avoid.
Back in the day we drank gallons of liquor and battered anyone we did not like.
by Shmata Than August 16, 2017
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An arrogant idiom used by insecure people to pretend they already know whatever it is someone tells them.

Widely confused with a request for affirmation, the question "right" is an attempt to bully the other person.

The idiom demands that everyone agree that "I know" because there is nothing you can say the insecure "I know right" idiot does not already know, right?
There is a giizzly bear sneaking up behind you...

"I know right?"

I just discovered the answer to P=NP.

"I know right?"

I named my baby Mary. You are the first person I told.

"I know right?"

Your zipper is down.

"I know right?"
by Shmata Than July 06, 2017
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