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An insignificant person that thinks they can change the world, regardless their limited abilities / skills, commonly pulls a leroy jenkins causing a total party wipe.
bachmann: I can change the world!!!

random person: You and what army.

by liberatian March 17, 2014
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A common sense, pro-Constitution politician who is frequently slandered by those who oppose freedom and the concept of individual liberties.

Anyone who opposes the homosexual agenda - a platform taken up by the most radical anti-Americans in their quest to destroy society - and refuses to help the "politically correct" bastardize normality.

A non-Kenyan who actually believes in the American ideals set forth in our nation's Constitution.

The political, and intellectual, opposite to the illegal Kenyan, bastard son of a whore, Marxist, terrorist-supporting, TelePrompter-dependent, community organizing, pile of excrement currently fouling the people's house.

Someone - usually a politician - who is not infected with the freedom-killing disease known as liberalism.

A person who is not the recipient of government enforced racism - the polar opposite of the brown stain who is illegaly occupying the Whitehouse.

Michelle Bachmann - Congresswoman who proudly supports our Constitution while tirelessly fighting the anti-American
Michelle Bachmann - Congresswoman from MN. Avid supporter of the Constitution
by Chuck Schumer July 25, 2011
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A mixture of ejaculate, saliva and urine from extreme gay sex.
Named for Senator wannabe Michelle Bachmann for her homophobic attitudes and speaking as if She knows what "god" says/wants.
Named in a similar manner as Rick Santorum see Santorum
Your bachmann was a bit gamey, I had to spit it out.
by Paul Lance November 07, 2006
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