An entry area (Lobby) to a larger venue where the visitors choose from a large array of DIY Kink supplies before heading into the "Hobby" area with a partner to get Freaky.

Items found in the "Hobby Lobby" include:

• Crucifixes of all shapes and sizes for ass play
• Yarn and twine for bondage play
• Needles of varying gauges for piercing play
• Candles for Wax play
• Leather and Leather working tools to build floggers
• Beads for orifice cramming
• Knives and blades for Cutting
• Hangers for Back Alley Abortions
Let's meet in the Hobby Lobby on Friday. I'll pick up a gross of "Charm Me Antique Sterling Nail Cross Charms", and violate you six ways from Sunday before I scrape your uterus of our Hellspawn.
by CapnMarrrrk July 2, 2014
To take away something that someone needs because you don't like it.
I caught Monisha eating a bagel for breakfast again so I Hobby Lobbied that gluten right into the trash can.

After returning from his first Scientology meeting, Tristan decided he had to Hobby Lobby his girlfriend's Zoloft.
by modernfluff July 3, 2014
An arts & crafts chain that employs its own fleet of truck drivers to smuggle religious artifacts while butt fucking the driver at the same time
I got sent to the rail yard today and pulled a Hobby Lobby
by wolfman87 July 28, 2017
A retail chain of arts and crafts stores based in Oklahoma City, AND IS AN ABSOLUTE BLASPHEMY. It's every Christian's wet dream came true that they're too scared to admit. They have 460 stores in 39 states, and they're so religious, it isn't even funny. They are Michael's top competition. Full of Christians who try and sell you religious products, even though it's an arts and crafts stores. This place is absolute hell to work at too, no pun intended. You get crazy bible thumpers screaming at you all the time. The only good thing about working there is the $8.50 an hour starting wage if you're part-time, and not having to work on Sundays.
"I'm out of glue, let's go to Hobby Lobby and buy some more!"
"I dunno about that, they're really religious. They might try and convert us in there or something."
by blondie014 September 26, 2011
To engage in unprotected intercourse with a female and then decline to pay for Plan B the following morning.
"Could it be yours?"

"Yeah, I pulled a Hobby Lobby on her the morning after?"
by lawlkdghlaw September 4, 2014
To willfully and voluntarily date and have sex with a woman that has confirmed STDs, specifically herpes. Usually because she is very beautiful or sexually voracious.
Hobby Lobby is a retail chain of arts and craft stores. Coincidently, it is said that glitter is the herpes of arts and craft supplies.
Tom: "What are you doing tonight, bro?"

Boyd: "Man, I'm gonna go see Sarah."

Tom: "Wait! ... the one that told you she had herpes?!?"

Boyd: "Dude bro, i knocked the bottom out of that."

Tom: "Whatever man, have fun Hobby-Lobbying. Just make sure to wear a rubber."
by joebobusa22 May 19, 2010
A gathering where participants partake in the most extreme sexual kinks.
I got out of that swingers party before it turned into a hobby lobby, scat and needle play just isn't my thing.
by rem-death June 30, 2014