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A now popular (April/May 2005) mantra used by people online. Usually before running into a large crowd of enemies in Online Role Playing Games.
Named after a vidoe made in World of Warcraft where a guy runs into a huge crowd of creatures yelling "Leeeeeeeeeroy Jenkins!"
(referring to odds of beating creatures)
1st Guy: Well that's a lot better than we usually do.
Leroy Jenkins: Alright, times up, let's do this. Leeeeeeeeeeeeeroy JJJjjjjjenkinsss.
....<entire group is killed by the creatures>...
2nd Guy: Leroy, you are just stupid.
Leroy: Least I ain't chicken.
by Rory May 29, 2005
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To have similar qualities as the legendary Leroy Jenkins who in the World of Warcraft runs into the dungeon and gets him and his group's asses handed to them, but still manages to come out with his pride and dignity in tact.

1. Someone who lacks all comprehension of the word 'caution'
2.To crush all hopes of succes into the ground
3.One who likes chicken
*Group has been planing how how to clear dungeon for the last 30 minutes*

Pally: we'll have a 32.33% chance of success
Warior: ugh, well thats better than we usualy...
Warrior: no, he didnt just do that did he?...
by Adrian July 24, 2006
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Something you yell loudly before doing something epic. Works especially well in sports or video games, because in sports it helps you run faster. You have to say LETS DO THIS as you're going for it, and then say LEEEEERRRRROOYYYYY...JEEEEENNNKINNNNNS as you're doing it.

*Note, in all of these examples below, yellingLETS DO THIS, LEEEEERRRRROOYYYYY...JEEEEENNNKINNNNNS resulted in epic laughter from everyone in the vicinity.

Leroy Jenkins Situations:

1. Yesterday in PE volleyball, I jumped to spike the ball. As I jumped, I yelled, LETS DO THIS, LEEEEERRRRROOYYYYY...JEEEEENNNKINNNNNS!

2. During a 100 meter dash, at the very end, I yelled, LETS DO THIS, LEEEEERRRRROOYYYYY...JEEEEENNNKINNNNNS! And I won.

3. During lacrosse, as I sprinted towards the enemy goalie and jumped in the air to shoot, I yelled LETS DO THIS, LEEEEERRRRROOYYYYY...JEEEEENNNKINNNNNS.

4. When I was playing Halo 3 multiplayer, I ran in to a room with guys that had a sword, rocket launcher, and brute shot, and I yelled LETS DO THIS, LEEEEERRRRROOYYYYY...JEEEEENNNKINNNNNS and no scoped them all with a sniper rifle.

by Shaolin Masta February 26, 2009
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The speeches from Braveheart, Rambo, Animal House and The Warriors all bow down to the battle cry of Leroy.

(translates to: leroy jenkins)
by the_soul_man January 09, 2011
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The act of performing a stunt similar to the above mentioned Leroy Jenkins video. To rush into a battle with extreme excitement, even when it is highly probably that you will lose due to the fact that you are vastly outnumbered.
CofC Student #1: Dude, I'm gonna run in there and steal one of the Citadel cadet's hats.
CofC Student #2: You don't stand a chance! There are 20 cadets in there, plus one of them is standing right next to all the hats guarding them. It would be totally Leroy Jenkins of you!
by Aaron D. Edwards September 10, 2005
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Leroy Jenkins was a televanglelist in the late 1970's (along the lines of Jimmy Swaggart). Went to jail for tax evasion or something. Look up Leroy Jenkins (televangelist) on Wikipedia for more info.
Leroy Jenkins is an American televangelist who was popular in the 1960s and 1970s.
by obsidian butterfly March 29, 2009
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