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- Wake up. Moisturize. Exfoliate
- Put on some techno music and call Brad.
- Listen to Cher
- Go to the wizard of the oz party
- Protest No on Prop 8
- Party party party

That is the real homosexual agenda. Politicians don't know what they are talking about.
The homosexual agenda doesn't exist to hurt anyone. I'm a Republican and I know they have no agenda. They deserve the same right to marriage as anyone else.
by Elsa-Claire November 05, 2009
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The agenda of homosexual activists is basically to change America from what they perceive as looking down on homosexual behavior, to the affirmation of and societal acceptance of homosexual behavior.

Homosexual activists have always said that what they want is tolerance of homosexuality. Well, the pretense of "tolerance" is over. What they really want is to make sure that there is no verbal dissent. They don't want anyone to be able to say that homosexuality — like adultery, or lying, or whatever — is a sin. As long as that word is out there, it makes them "stigmatized" — or so they believe.
The homosexual agenda is to define as intolerant anyone who does not agree with homosexual activists.
by J Stevens October 02, 2006
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A term that drives woeful homosexuals up a wall (because they oddly view it as a pejorative).

In short, the agenda is the sum total of homosexuals' sociopolitical aspirations including, but not limited to, such things as:

-- The decriminalization of sodomy.

-- The decriminalization of poppers and other drugs used in homosexual orgies.

-- The insistence that homosexuality be ACCEPTED by all humanity, not merely TOLERATED by Western Europe and America.

-- The ostracizing of influential citizens (Hollywood actors, media celebrities, professional athletes, politicians, beauty contestants, corporate CEOs and their corporations, etc.) who oppose the homosexual agenda for political, or social, or moral, or common sense reasons. The homosexual mafia then runs point in a concerted effort to destroy the life, reputation and livelihood of the target.

-- The redefining of "queer" to mean "normal" and vice-versa.

-- The redefining of the word "disgust" to mean "homophobia", even though they are NOT synonymous.

With little effort, most of humanity conceives homosexuality as disgusting or aberrant but, whether these same people are actually "afraid" of homosexuals is a completely SEPARATE issue. (Some are and some are not, but regardless the disgust remains).

-- The demonization of anyone who does not accept homosexuals, and the choices they make, as: a homophobe, idiotic, ignorant, narrow-minded, closed-minded, or otherwise "unenlightened."

-- The Orwellian criminalization of free thought and free speech through the support of "hate crimes" legislation.

-- The rejection, or mass voting down, of Urban Dictionary definitions that are labeled "anti-gay" or "hateful" simply because they differ from the goals of the homosexual agenda. (Now THERE'S diversity in action).

-- Sucking as much money as possible out of our fat, bloated government to further the development of a vaccine for HIV and cure for AIDS while simultaneously resisting the need for quarantine.

-- Legalizing same sex marriage and same sex adoption of minors.

-- Lowering the age of consent for minors.

-- The decriminalization of pedophilia.

Hetero Guy: "I oppose the homosexual agenda because it is wrong on so many levels."

Homo Ray: "Well, that is just your subconscious attempt to prove that you are not gay."

Hetero Guy: "So being gay is an undesirable thing then?"

Homo Ray: "Of course not."

Hetero Guy: "Then why do I and 98 percent of the rest of humanity resist it if it is such a good thing?"

Homo Ray: "Maybe because you're all ignorant, closed-minded homophobes."

Hetero Guy: "And maybe you have bought the lie that you were born that way. Please know that there is hope for your situation. You don't have to be spiritually bound up any longer; there is deliverance and healing available to you."

Homo Ray: "Tell me more."
by (I am) John Doe August 22, 2009
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The "homosexual agenda" refers to gays who wish to push their homosexuality onto everyone else. Anyone who disagrees with their teachings is automatically labelled a bigot or homophobe which is what gay supporters (who are secret closet gays) and homosexuals use against those who do not subscribe to their gay agenda or find the concept of two men pounding shit out of each other's anuses attractive. Well duh, you dumb fucks, straight people will naturally be repulsed to such images but that doesn't mean that they hate gays.

The reason why straight people don't find lesbians disgusting is because they are straight. Straight as in they only fancy women and therefore two women making love would turn them on.
Jimmy the gay tramp atheist calls anyone who doesn't fuck his prolapsed asshole a homophobe. He has a homosexual agenda as he's constantly shoving his homosexuality down people's throats (metaphorically of course you dirty bastards).
by Skialian January 05, 2014
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