A term used to describe the edge or brink of something. Used very often when describing where something lies and/or is near.
My golf ball is on the cusp of the green!
that wonderful business man is on the cusp of success.
by cleverman November 4, 2012
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in and of or around the brown eye of your butthole, the circular lemon-sucked area surrounding it is the Cusp.Literally the Cusp of your poopshoot! Usually used to degrade woman by having them commit a sexual act off of it.
"I made that bitch eat A FRIED egg off of my Cusp! Everytime I farted that white yolk flapped on the CUSP!
by Pepe305 September 9, 2006
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Meaning highest point or pinnacle in traditional English language. Also used commonly by those suffering from severe, delusional, narcissistic, psychosis!
"I am a chicken!...I am the king of the world!...I am the cusp!"
by Supras R Weak October 30, 2005
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used to describe the brim of a solo cup while playing beer pong. it can also be used as a distraction word referred to the origional defination of a butthole.
"right off the fucking cusp!"
by thematster1 July 24, 2008
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A word defined crudely by a couple of high school students bored in AP Calculus. To cusp someone is to participate in a sexual fantasy in that persons mind.
I cusped your mom. (I participated in a sexual fantasy in your mother's mind)
by Some Transmitted Disease December 1, 2004
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To wank oneself or to be wanked by someone else to the cusp of having an orgasm but stopping short of ejaculation. May be performed several times over and over before allowing orgasmic release of one's cum load. Cusping may be performed to enhance or extend sexual play or may be used as a form of BDSM play involving dominance and submissive roles. May also be referred to as Edging in the porn and fetish industries.
Roger's girlfriend enjoyed giving him a good wanking. She especially enjoyed cusping Roger from several good solid wanks that were stopped short before building him up to an explosive, orgasmic milking.
by Eaton Holgoode May 11, 2015
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The word Rick said in the party episode of Rick and Morty that we all looked up.
The only adventure you are going on tonight is your cusping manhood.
by Radikid March 9, 2018
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