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A shitty pokemon hatched from an egg and doesnt have any good moves.
1. Ash just received an egg. Omg, the egg is hatching!

Togepi? What the fuck is this! All this pokemon can do is metronome - WHO THE FUCK USES METRONOME
by Legs You Legend October 28, 2009
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That cute little egg thing on Pokemon! It's Misty's Pokemon.
Togepi is mine!

Come here Togepi!

Who get's to keep Togepi?
by Sirena Baboon Balonez August 05, 2006
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1.the cutest pokemon in existence.

2.the pokemon misty owned but sadly released it.
dawn " what is that cute little pokemon"
togepi "toki"
dawn " oh wait that is the awesome togepi"
by nintengeek April 13, 2011
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