(Verb) The act if obnoxiously doing something repeatedly for attention or in order to disturb others.
Please quit spamming the forums with offsite links.
by AnonymouslyManlyMan August 28, 2011
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The act of chatting gibirish and irrelevant.
Person 1: Hi
Person 2: How are you?
Person 1: Stupid
Person 2: Er, are you ok?
Person 1: Stupid
Person 1: Stupid
Person 1: Stupid
Person 1: Stupid
Person 1: Stupid
Person 2: Stop SPAMMING!
by Inspirer September 11, 2009
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Spamming, in the context of video games, refers to the repeated use of the same item or action. For example, "grenade spamming" is the act of a player throwing a large number of grenades in succession into an area
This nigga c murder can't win a fight on MK unless he spam the fuck out of his favorite move. he loves spamming!!
by Iolukonu117 May 16, 2016
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A refined art created by today's youth. Spammers do not follow rules, they don't obey the Adminstraitors or Moderators or unfair rules. They fight for freedom and against oppression of noobs or newbs. They spread humor and break up fights. They do not suck up to the powers that be. They are here to change the way we post. They do not fear the higher ups, they wish only to have fun. This a true spammer. Too many of today's forum users fear the "Ban or Deletion button". They suck up to the heads in order to gain power themselves. They yell at people who do not read the rules in an oppresive manner. This isn't fair, a forum should be warm and welcome. Spammers, true spammers fight for this. They outwit the heads, the push away the oppressors and work for a better forum community.

These kinds of spammers are not the loser kind of spammers that do not use coherance or haze or flame. They are failures in the art of spam.

A post count is a spammer's best friend and a moderator is thier enemy, this is true for all kinds of spammers, bad and good, this may seem contradictory but that is way the game is played it doesnt have to make sense. Off topic and Random threads are our friends as well.

A rep as a spammer is good to have. A spammer does not get stopped by the man, he/she doesn't give up. If some one yells at you for being a spammer, embrace this and love it. People know you now, and you have a mission. Good luck! XD
Bad Situation

Newbie- HI! um, im new, i dont do this kind of stuff alot, can someone tell me where to post and stuff.

Jackass forum veteran- GOD DAMMIT! Stop this spamming! This is the wrong section you idiot noob! READ THE RULES OR GTFO! Mod delete this!

*follow ups of similar post trying to suck up to the powers that be

Newbie- ....*leaves forum and never comes back

Good Situation

Newbie- omfg hi! im a noob i know ;), whats up, i like anime, whats yer favorite!

Jerkoff veteran poster- READ THE RULES! This is spam, mod please come delete this!

*coutination of similar post sucking up to powers that be in hope some day they will have the power and be even bigger jackasses

Spammer vet- Hey! guys stfu, he's new, of course he didnt read the rules, no one does ever, god its people like you that chase people away, and then you bitch about how empty this forum is. Ok newbie, dont worry bout these guys, im here to help you out. Forget those rules, long list of nonsense i say, you'll figure things out pretty easily, im here to help you mkay

*New member recruited caue of kindness, he can either become a good kind poster, a spammer elite, a spammer nub or a jack ass XD
by Tgjanlee April 26, 2007
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When some guy will advertise some site that will most likely harm your computer or your security.This is most commonly found on YouTube,However most spam messages will be about games and getting free stuff without doing anything,most of them will be about trending games like Pokemon GO for example.
Guy:Hey man great video!

Spammer:Want free pokecoins? Google search for: FC3ABBEE4B

Guy:Stop spamming you asshole
by DANK_WATERMELON_MEMES August 13, 2016
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Putting many unneeded images, videos, or just text in a chat or forum.
by Biggie_Smalls6969420 July 20, 2020
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