2 definitions by fear the factory

Two Kleptomaniacs that always work in pairs, not only deriving a thrill from their ill-gotten goods, but also performing oral sex upon one another before fleeing the scene.
Person 1: ''Adam and Nicky just got shit canned because of their constant thieving and pole smoking antics....''

Person 2: ''Ah, the ole' Felati-Steal you say...''
by fear the factory April 9, 2009
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Barely Legal Trim (abr B.L.T). A young female with deffinate potential. Works well when commenting on said female would be inapropriate (i.e in the workplace).
Dudes, theres some sweet ass B.L.T action sitting outside the shopping centre today.
Who says working in retail is all bad?
by fear the factory March 1, 2009
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