Politician, who wrote speeches for Nixon, Ford and Reagan. Some people would say he's a diehard conservative. He would say he's a traditional conservative. He thinks that the GOP has shifted from its original values. Had the nerve to quit the party. Doing this, he knew he would never have any chance to win a Presidential election.
Pat Buchanan is the only one who is faithful to his original ideas, and consistent in his speeches.
by Nicolas Dolisy November 12, 2005
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Principled paleoconservative who supports smaller government and opposes interventionist wars. Would NOT shake George W. Bush's hand and say, "Great job." Once said to impeach Bush for not enforcing immigration laws. Would make a great President. Opposes outsourcing.
Pat Buchanan would deport the illegals, end our deficit spending, and get us out of Iraq if he were President.
by VinceSavage February 6, 2008
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Guy who once said that the US should take over parts of Canada to get more white citizens. Quit the Republican Party in 2000, GW Bush got down on his knees and asked him real nicely to stay.
Patrick J Buchanan, commander in chief of the Buchanan Brigades.
by aleks June 10, 2004
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Ultra Right-Wing Conservative Christian Bigot who has developed the disturbing habits of believing his own rhetoric and savagely attacking anyone-and-everyone who is not like him. He once proclamed that if he was to have been elected president (in 1996), his first action would have been to place Bill Clinton under arrest.

(Buchanan doesn't stand a snowballs-chance-in-Hell of being elected ANYTHING in 2008, but if...through some horrible fracturing of the Cosmic Whatsits...he were to become president, his first action in office would be to pat George W. Bush on the back, vigorously shake his hand and tell him "Well done, great job!"
Such thoughts should make any sane, rational person want to run to the nearest toilet.)

He also DEFENDED Congressman Foley (that's the one who was sending homo-erotic E-mails to under-age teenage boys. One wonders if he would have eagerly defended President Clinton if all HE had been doing was sending erotic E-mails to Monica Lewinsky)

Some of his more "wholesome" activities have been: Praising and defending Richard Nixon; Worrying incessantly about "cultural pollution" while scoffing at actual pollution such as smog and chemicals dumped into our drinking water; Waging war against Political Correctness; Believing wholeheartedly that our children should be taught lies and myths in their history classes and creationism in their science classes; Bashing-and-smashing homosexuals, AIDS patients, unwed mothers and rock' musicians (and happily claiming resposiblity while AT THE SAME TIME denying these actions...and praising anyone else who also does the same); Butting into other peoples affairs; Revelling in the fact that he's anti-semitic; Treating women like chatel slaves; Verbally attacking anyone-and-anyone who is wealthier, healthier, or happier than he is; Utterly against Martin Luther King Day; And just being the sort of anal-retentive person that gives Conservatives a bad name.
"The truth is that Pat Buchanan was trained at the knee of Richard Milhouse Nixon."
-CBS News's Nightwatch,
December 11th, 1986.
by carl maltese August 5, 2007
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Pat Buchanan: draft dodget, speach writer, and racist. He ran for the GOP's nomination twice, and in 2000 as well but as an indepedent. He's said some pretty racist/fascist crap. But he's also gone against Iraq and NAFTA, but he still reluctantly endorsed Bush. What an idiot, he also almost ran against Bob Dole in '96 because he wasn't pro-life enough. I'm pro-life but I still stick with Democrats! How trivial can you get?
Pat Buchanan is an oddball!
by Catholiccommunist April 9, 2006
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