"Bacon and eggs are fucking delicious! Who wouldn't want to do a b and e special?"

"So I called up my friend, since you always need an accomplice for a b and e."
by audrey yeah August 7, 2007
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Basic and Engaging

A song that has both calm melodies and fast-paced drum rhythms. Normally found in Electronica music.
I was just listening to this new b and e song that was off the hook.
by sapererisin July 16, 2012
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"You gotta map? We're in the middle of B F E!" "I'm outta here - this is B F E."
by bb June 20, 2006
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An upcoming rapper from the state of Kansas who also hails from Alabama and Texas. Known for his outrageous styles and witty lyrics, a rare breed since he is a midwest rapper with a southern swagger.
B DOUBLE E must be the number one rapper in Kansas. check his myspace.com/bdoublee23
by Brandon McLoyd February 10, 2009
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So when are you my friend are chilling in the motel room tonight and he gets a hard on., You know me, I'm going to b. n. e.
by Justincaseonfb September 7, 2020
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