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A beautiful girl with a dangerous attitude very pretty but a hot temper but the heart is in the right place
Oh that's ayiana don't piss her off
by intresting mind May 26, 2014
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a smart, funny, caring girl with a banging body who enjoys the company of her friends. Ayiana seems like a hard nut to crack, but once you got her, you'll be hooked.
Person 1: yooo you need to get you an Ayiana

Person 2: tell me about it man, a fucking goodess
by daaaone January 02, 2017
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Ayiana is a person that seems like a nice person but in the inside evil and dark person. Very mean and non trustworthy. Takes control of you or if she can’t she will do everything she can to destroy you I’m the one that got out of her evil prison.
Run away Ayianas coming!
by Alexandria2005 June 19, 2018
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A beutiful girl with an amazing body. She is very wishy washy but has an amazing personality, the best you will proably ever see in your life. But you might allways get the feeling that she is gona cheat on you and you never know.
Person1:damn that girl is so fucking hot

Person2:yea bro but she’s an Ayiana you never know she could cheat on you
by Purple nurple OG May 25, 2018
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A beautiful girl, who has an even more beautiful ponytail, usualy 13 years old, is in love with the unusual name called Aryan, also hates a girl named rachelle
Ayiana is gnarly
by JAKE PAUL IS MY DADDY October 20, 2017
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