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First name of lead singer for "Guns N' Roses", Axl Rose.

Slang for oral sex because "Axl Rose" rearranged can become "Oral Sex"
Hello my name is Axl Rose. I enjoy Axl Rose while looking at Axl Rose and listening to Axl Rose.

Interpret that how you wish.
by Ace Mulato October 08, 2005
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Many people love him, others hate him. Axl is a controversial person. He is known as the rocker who is always late.
Axl has talent.
Axl is the best!!!!!
by Mar September 02, 2004
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Like him or not, Axl Rose is one interesting person and most often he is misunderstood. Some people like to think of Axl as an asshole, but that is just because Axl likes to keep to himself and he likes his privacy. Axl does not crave attention or look to make headlines, he does that with out even trying and sometimes I think that embarrasses him. I know a lot of Gn’r fans get p!ssed off at Axl because he has not been telling us his every move or what his plans are but I think that is a good thing. Axl seems to get himself in trouble every time he tells us about a possible tour, a possible release date or anything else for that matter. When Axl has told us about tentative tours or release dates and then those things fall through or dates pass by people bash him because they didn’t happen, that is why I think Axl doesn’t want to say anything until he is 100% positive it is going to happen. That is why I don’t think will hear from Axl until he knows the album is 100% done and the release date is set in stone. I don’t think Axl likes to disappoint his fans and this is his best way of getting our hopes up for the release of this album. Another thing fans need to keep in mind is that Axl wants to make the best possible he can, and he does not care how long it takes, this album will be his legacy. This album will make or break his career since it is his first album with out the old band.

A lot of old Gn’r fans like to think the new songs we have heard so far are not as good as the old bands songs, but that is not the important question. The important question is, are the new songs as good or better than the current mainstream songs on the radio today? And IMO the answer to that is YES. I think Madagascar, the Blues and Chinese Democracy are just as good if not better than a lot of the music on the radio right now, and those songs are not even the “big guns” that Axl has in store for us.

If Axl does things correctly I think 2005 could be his year. He has a set of amazing players backing him up and they have all worked very hard on this album. The few people that have heard the album have all said how great or amazing the songs are, so I think if CD is promoted the way it should be it could be the best album of 2005. Axl and his new Gn’r could also be on top of the music world again. Just look at a few years ago the mtv mva’s. They got a huge pop and people were going ape sh!t. The U.S. tour was not as bad as some naysayers would have you believe. The U.S. tour did pretty damn well considering there was almost no promotion for it and no new album in sight. Just think of how the tour would do with the band having a hit single on the radio, the album being released, a possible video on mtv and proper promotion for the tour. I think it could be huge. All Axl has to do is release the album and let it speak for itself. Axl has to understand he can’t please everyone. Yes Axl will lose some of the old fans with the new band and new sound, but he will also pick up many more fans along the way. As bad as Axl sounded back then he sounded better than the crappy live bands tonight on the VMAs.

It is now time for Axl to take his throne back as the best front man in rock, others have tried but none have even come close to having Axl presence or aura. Axl holds his own destiny and legacy in his own hands. He can either be the huge star he used to be or he can just disappear again. Either way Axl Rose will always be one of music great mysteries. place.
by its me September 02, 2004
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That virgin that play's fortnite but doesn't scream like a banshee
They're usually either a fucking giant
Or a dwarf
(person1) i just played with axl and hes such an annoying noob
(Person2)well atleast he doesn't scream like you
by Llama bruh July 22, 2019
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The most beautiful boy in all of history and he may never be toped😘😘😘
Axl: hello
You:oh hey Axl I heard you where the best in all the land

Axl: no response
by Uglyredheadtellguy November 16, 2017
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The best looking guitarist who constantly pulls chicks with ease. Anyone with the name Axl is able to conquer the music industry. His band will be known as the next Guns n' Roses just like Greta Van Fleet is known as the next Led Zeppelin. You either love him or you hate him. He is known as an amazing guitar player and can pull off some mad solos. You WILL see him on the news and you WILL see him pull off an incredible guitar solo in front of thousands of people. You may be thinking of Axl Rose, he's not Axl Rose but he was named after Axl Rose.
Are you gonna see Axl play tonight? I can't wait to see him pull off an awesome guitar solo
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