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When something is so freaking radical and groovy that it blows your mind of how cool it is.
Jaxon: "I'm just a super cool dude." *dabs*
Heléna: *Amazed by Jaxons dab* "Wow Jaxon. You're so vas. I aspire to be like you one day."
by Audyhelly October 03, 2016
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An amazing, Handsome man. Vas is a nickname used for a person called Vassilis or william in english. Vas is 99% either a greek or cypriot name. Vas is a party starter and craves attention and having fun with his friends. Vas is popular and is great at sports!
Oh my god did you see Vas yesterday he was so hot! I heard he single handedly won the soccer game for his team yesterday!
by anonymous cyprus July 02, 2018
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A shorter way of saying, "what's" or "what is". Word origniated by Emma Jean Berley while in conversation with her college pals.
Vas' really good? yo? (What's going on...yo.)

Vas ah? (what's up?)
by Maia January 25, 2005
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the reverse spelling of sav in which the meaning becomes the complete opposite
synonyms include: suck at life, loser, dumbass, and lame ass
guy 1:dude check it I'ma total sav
guy 2:uhh yeah no thats just vas
by Telephone45 July 10, 2008
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