Walking in your neighborhood during the Coronavirus pandemic, which includes awkwardly and suddenly moving to the other side of the street constantly because people are not 6 feet away from you
I went awking earlier to get my steps in 🤦🏻 ♀️
by Jensmo March 25, 2020
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Deliberately pretending to be unfamiliar with an inside joke your friend tells with the intent of creating an awkward situation and/or making them look ridiculous.
Kevin: "Nooo you can have some milk tho!"

Juri: *silence*

Crowd: "Kevin. . . WTF?!"

Kevin: "Juri, stop awking me!"

Juri: *silence*
by BCC_Chillan May 26, 2010
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It is a situation that falls in between both categories of awkwardness and awfulness creating something known as awkful.
I have to make sandwiches with my boss, it is going to be so awkful
by Fragileharp July 24, 2019
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"Is that your ex? This is awks!"
by Alicat24 May 30, 2007
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Adjective used to describe an action or situation deemed as awkward.
Anthony: By the power of Grayskull....I HAVE THE POWER!!!!(Transforms into HeMan)

by Haracio De La Sanchez April 19, 2005
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usually an adjective used to describe and awkward and uncomfortable situation.
"hey do you have a crush on me?"



by cannedclams51 November 13, 2010
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What stupid 12 year old girls say when a situation is considered "awkward".
Omg! My name is Ashley too! That's so awks!
by Freakingbuttttt September 21, 2011
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