2 or more overweight lovers in the act of gettin naked and ruttin like 2 (or more) pigs. the union of overweight, sweaty, bologna scented flesh.
overweight man says to some bitch who cares (shes fat)- ''ayo girl, wana make fat?!''
this is a request for sex.
by Danny and Danny. December 11, 2011
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In many games, when facing a lot of opponents, the DPS class will be buffed either with crits or other effects to enhance their maximum damage. 'Making it fat' basically means maximizing your damage output and making the damage numbers FAT.
Hey b4nny, make it fat.
Damn that push was FAT.
by Zardo-X October 4, 2020
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Girl asking her boyfriend/husband if he likes her looks. No right answer can possibly come of this. Usually followed by screaming or noise as hand/fist/foot connects with husband/boyfriend's body part.
Does this dress make me look fat, dear?
I don't think it's the dress, honey.
by Tettster October 30, 2003
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Actually, there is an answer to this statement that is as feared as "you are the father". Though it is a question.
GF: Does this {article of clothing} make me look fat?
BF: Before you ask me, ask yourself, 'Do I feel fat wearing this?' Then, maybe I can give you a better answer!
by IcyHaku December 1, 2004
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