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Inevitable means that something is ultimatley going to happen, and theres no way out of it.
by bruntanng November 7, 2005
Avacado; meaning cool or awesome.

can be used directly speaking or indirectly about something that is amazing.
omagee; Erin's outfit is so avacado.
by bruntanng November 19, 2005
Motion lotion is a special lotion that the little boys use to jack off. can be found at spencers&such, comes in various scents and colors, and can be used for handjobs. supposivly, it makes the jack-off session more pleasant as the motion lotion is like lube, but specially formulated for your hand, and best friend.
Iann locked himself in the bathroom and got out the motion lotion.
by bruntanng November 8, 2005
A device used for smoking marijuana.
can be home made, preffarably out of water bottles.
held horizontally.
you smoke with a steam roller by covering the carb; and hitting the device, letting it fill with smoke. than that of a pothead would uncover the carb and clear the steamroller of smoke.

one hit can provide a great high.
Billy cleared the whole steam roller. he was a pothead now.
by bruntanng October 19, 2005
Sorry So Sloppy

as in when one writes a sloppy letter.
dEeR kC,
dOtn eEt tHa puDIngG.
soRy abOutT tHAtt iNk smUdgge. -->
by bruntanng October 14, 2005
really good weed.

Crippy is the same thing as hydro. you smoke it, the high creeps up on you, hence the name: crippy.

sometimes found with red hairs in it, truly a beautiful sight for a pothead.
stoner 1- "duuude, i think im flying!"
stoner 2- "no man, its just the crippy."
by bruntanng October 19, 2005
a gidget is an over grown midget.
whose height is from 4'11-5'1/2.
look at that midget, joe!
nah, shes too tall. thats a gidget right there.
by bruntanng November 8, 2005