1. Official political capital of The Republic of India.
2. World's first city in which the number of mobile phones has surpassed the number of fixed / landlines.
3. New name for the northern Indian city once called Indraprastha.
4. The capital city of the northern Indian state, Delhi.
5. One of the most metropolitan & cosmopolitan cities in the world with as many as 21 languages being spoken. Though Hindi / Hindostani (NOT Hindustani) enjoying the first language status, English being the general formal & business language.
6. People of the city are called New Delhiite or simply Delhiite.
7. The city has the world's largest public bus transportation system, 100% of which runs on CNG & is called DTC.
8. Locally called Dilli / Nai Dilli / Navi Dilli / Dehli.
Some Guy: Where are you from?
Other Guy: New Delhi.
Some Guy: Okay.
Other Guy: See you.
by DJ Gaurav November 22, 2005
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Gr8 City with an undying spirit. Gr8 nightlife, gud roads, gud planning, awsum metro rail, gud transportation, impressive architecture, rocketing skyline, swank nightclubs and gud overall infrastructure. 2010 Commonwealth games host and host to many other gr8 sporting events. A city with one of the BRIGHTEST FUTURE'S on Earth.
Some Architectural wonders found in New Delhi -
.India Gate
.DLF Gateway Tower
.Red Fort
.AIIMS Flyover
.Metro System
.DLF Malls
by Dishu July 21, 2006
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The act of using wassabi as lubricant before sodomizing a young Indian boy's anus in an attempt to impregnate him
Epstein: Hey, you wanna try out the New Delhi?
Indian Boy: Sure!
by Anonymous Weenis December 14, 2020
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The capital of INDIA..gr8 night life......hot chicks....BAD summer's.......realy cold winters.....awsome Malls.....polluted...now metrod which realy cuts the traffic.....Delhi university........ring road......and some more cool crap
SANTA: where does monty live in india...i wanna give him a porche...
BANTA: He lives in new delhi
by Monty_elvis June 20, 2006
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The capital of The democratic Republic of India. A place where you can purchase needle to aeroplane. Here you can find duplicate of every man and everything.it is also famous for international trade fair.
Lets go to new delhi for iitf
by theanil1981 November 17, 2007
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A name for any delicatessen, sandwich shop, convenience store, corner store, etc., that has recently become owned/operated by a person from (appearing to be from) the Indian sub-continent (usually the same person 24/7/365). aka: New Delhi Deli Similarly, any of the same type of establishment recently owned/operated by a person from (appearing to be from) Asia would be called the Yellow Deli.
You know Joe's deli? He just sold out to some guy named Hadji and now we're calling it The New Delhi Deli.
by John J Leslie February 13, 2007
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